my vision

a world where everyone has a sense of mattering and is empowered to act. a world where we all dare to play and fail, where we are held in orienting towards what is most meaningful to us. a world where we live, produce and consume within the capacity of our bodies and environment – having reconnected to the feedback systems we had lost access to for a long time. a world where we build organisations and engineer solutions designed to meet the most needs of the most people. a world where we have regained access to the soft qualities of our being. a world where we can be born anywhere in the world and have access to the resources we need. a world where we share openly and freely. a world where doing nothing is appreciated as much as doing something. a world where we celebrate and appreciate our gifts.

my purpose

to create movement towards change, to seed, enable and build the individual, organizational and societal changes necessary for the next seven generations to thrive

my mission

i create conscious and explicit structures and processes for effective, efficient and joyful collaboration within organizations and teams, that support empowerment, learning and distribution of authority. this is important, because without those explicit structures and processes organizations and teams will default to dominance and authority-based systems, as these reflect our internal habits and thought patterns.


risk – as in trying things that might not work and others might not approve of, by that discovering openings in moving towards my vision

care – as in attending to myself and others with tenderness

joy – as in inviting lightness and play into my life, trusting that i will be held

flow – as in engaging in the dance of understanding and letting resources flow to where they are needed

honoring capacity – as in mourning and surrendering to the limits of my own capacity and acknowledging my strengths in moving towards my vision