how i work

in whatever i do i offer my full self to the purpose of my work and to those i am collaborating with. i show people that i care for them and our work, i share what is important to me,  i make myself vulnerable. because of this people usually trust me and open up in my presence.

the core of my work are the principles of non-violent communication (NVC). to me the essence of NVC is that all of us (humans) act to satisfy life-serving needs, but we often fail to do so in spectacular ways and produce harm. by accepting this fundamental assumption of human nature i can more easily see what others actually want to achieve and which solutions can attend to their needs while caring for those around them.  i engage with others through curiosity and creativity – trying different things in order to understand what works for everyone involved, focusing on the results.

i thrive at the intersection of humans, technology and organizational systems. i use vim. i do qi gong. my vision of the future looks like solarpunk: community focused, green, decentralized combined with smart tech. i regularly put myself into uncomfortable situations to learn and grow while caring for myself and acknowledging my own capacity: sustainability starts with how i attend to myself.

what i did so far [as of april 2021]

i currently support organizations in being most effective in their collaboration through building structures that support their effective and caring communication, decentralized decision making and learning through feedback loops. next to that i support individuals and teams in discovering new ways how they can create the world they long for using a framework called vision mobilization. most of my day i spend caring for my 11 month of old daughter.

since jan 2021 i am an apprentice with the ngl community led by miki kashtan to develop my leadership and facilitation skills, deepening my commitment to nonviolence and experimenting with a wonderful group of people from around the globe in how to bring about social change effectively. i learn from miki kashtan since 2018 and much of what i apply in my work i learned from her.

from 2019 to 2020 i was the managing director at codepan gmbh (data science R&D) and head of product at gmbh (AI-based fault detection in manufacturing). i was one of the first employees at codepan (starting 2015) and one of the key persons in moving the company’s focus from software to data science. core of my work at both companies was to experiment and implement with variations of agile collaboration methods (like scrum or kanban) and at the same time to build a company culture around caring for each other.

in 2016 i received an EXIST gr√ľnderstipendium to conceive and build the initial prototype of what would later become

i hold degrees in psychology (bsc at rug) and human factors (msc at tu berlin).