why i am doing this

to avoid social and environmental collapse we need to radically change how we live and work on many layers. this is a tremendous challenge that humanity has not faced before and I believe one of the keys to solving it is by changing how we relate to each other and how we collaborate. to stop our domination and destruction of our environment we need to change how we relate to each other: from accumulating power and attending to the needs of very few to distributing power and attending to the needs of many. with the goal to attend to the most needs of the most people, i believe distributing authority and empowering people to collaborate in more decentralized ways is important.

to be effective and efficient within this new paradigm of collaboration we will need to unlearn a lot of old habits, embrace the new and uncertain and build specific structures, processes and agreements that make collaboration joyful and effective while caring for each other. building these structures and supporting others in doing so will be my contribution to the change.

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