needing support to create caring and powerful collaboration in your (remote) organization? get in touch! i am fluent in german and english.

i deeply care for creating organizational systems and discovering new ways of interaction designed to support care, learning as well as collective and individual empowerment. i put the WHY (the purpose) at the center of what needs to be done and support teams to maximize both freedom and coherence in their collaboration.

to create a livable future we all would enjoy living in we need to radically change how we collaborate, how we relate to each other and how we relate to ourselves. from attending to the needs of few and the accumulation of resources and separation from each other and our environment i believe we need to move to caring relationships and distribution of power.

how i help teams and organizations

collaboration becomes more complex and many of us long for more connection and appreciation within their work relationships. i attend to these challenges by building structures that put care, learning and efficiency at the center of the collaboration. i focus on the biggest challenges the group experiences and help them transform old habits into more caring and productive ones by using the underlying principles of non-violent communication (NVC).

some examples of how i do this:

  • through creating and holding empathic and trusting spaces where everyone can share what is going on for them
  • offering ways to share feedback that support learning and mutual growth while caring for each other
  • offering efficient decision making structures that empower the individual in complex and quickly moving environments
  • supporting the creation of structures that make information more easily available to those who need it
  • building the foundation of collaboration through connecting to and integrating vision, purpose and values
  • anchoring new structures through very specific and doable agreements in the daily routines to support building new habits
  • offering processes that support integration of who we are as humans and our work – allowing us to be more ourselves and removing the energy drain that comes from hiding parts of ourselves
  • through reflections of what team members are sharing –  providing clarity by distilling the essence of what is  important to them, creating the foundation to find new solutions